A true handworker and artist.

R S Greg Mug


The sun slants in at a December angle, illuminating the cherry table top and the hand made coffee mug, its maker’s stamp highlighted. The appealingly designed logo G S is for master mudman Greg Seigel, recently departed friend from Kentucky.


Greg Seigel at kiln.


My day begins sitting up in bed holding a warm cup that he fashioned, and proceeds to a breakfast of oat cereal held in a bowl turned on his wheel.


R S Greg bowls



I’ll wash my hands using a bar of soap that sits atop his alligator tray.


R S Greg Soap Tray


At lunchtime his hand-friendly shaped small vessel is perfectly sized for yogurt.


R S Greg yogurt bowl



The generous handle makes it easy for my wife to take a cup of tea with her on her evening walk.


R S Greg tea mug


Greg’s handwork has graced our days, year in and year out, for a long time.

My connection to him is through music.  He played horn in different music groups with mutual friends in north central Kentucky and his home town of Cincinnati. He not only played a good sax but wrote some very fine tunes. One is the haunting “Mr. Moto.”  Click here to hear an arrangement of it and performance on synthesized piano by Michael Ward.

His son Max is a NY based jazz musician (Wynton Marsalis, Mingus Big Band, Slide Hampton) and composer. Here they are, playing together.


Greg and Max Seigel


His wife Rebekka is an outstanding art quilter, and daughter Nellie is an artist and works for the Artist Frame Service in Chicago. Getting to know Greg and his talented family has made me appreciate that, for rare individuals, art is a way of being.

Greg was also a funny guy. I shared some of his wit on this blog post. He commented.

I wash and dry the mug, and bowl, and cup. It’s different now. Should a careless move result in a crack or a break, there are no hands working the wheel anymore. I won’t be returning from trips to Kentucky with pottery wrapped inside my duffel bag.

Greg left more than just the stamp on his works. Like all artists, he changed the quality of peoples’ lives.

Greg Seigel waving

(Photo courtesy of Margaret Rhein)


Greg Seigel           http://potbaker.com/

Rebekka Seigel     http://quiltartz.us/

Max Seigel            http://www.maxseigel.com/

6 comments to A true handworker and artist.

  • Sad to hear the passing of your friend but you have good memories to remind you of him.

  • tico

    I sure do. Thanks.

  • He sounds like a charachter. Sorry you lost your friend.

  • tico

    Thanks, Brian.

  • Rebekka

    HI Tico!

    Thanks for your lovely tribute to Greg and for the bourbon balls! Marshall Thompson was the recipient of that thoughtful gift as he loves them and the kids and I have never really acquired the love of the bourbon ball. However, Marshall, was one of Greg’s closest and dearest friends and we felt that sharing them with him was just like enjoying them ourselves. I hope you are OK with that. The thought and the gesture were not lost on us. We felt the love the box contained and we are so grateful for the time you took to send them. Much love! Rebekka, Max and Nellie

  • Thomas Sanker

    Greg is an icon for the ages.

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