Tico Vogt

Since 1983 I have made custom furniture and cabinetry for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, family entertainment areas, kitchens, porches and decks, museums, corporate art collections and executive offices. The finished work, a composition of color, form and grain, reflects respect for the tree, the craft, the tools and the owner.
I work to preserve the harvested tree by means of time- honored tools and techniques, showing care for the material which grew slowly over a long time. I explore new forms and re-examine old ones. Some designs are supplied by the client, some are collaborations, and some are original. A piece of furniture improves with use as it develops its own history and patina.

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Custom Woodworking

Working wood began for me in 1980 with the building of our home in Northumberland, New York. Tools, materials and techniques were all a new world. Following several months of lifting, positioning and fastening lumber and after several thousand saw cuts, our homemade shelter stood ready for us to inhabit.

In the ensuing years some people in the Saratoga community figured that if I could build a house then perhaps I could build a bookcase, cabinet, or table.



This happily coincided with the emergence of the inspiring and informative Taunton Press and Fine Woodworking Magazine, books on the magnificent works of the Shakers and of the contemporary masters James KrenovSam Maloof and George Nakashima.

Since 1983 I’ve made custom furniture and cabinetry for private homes, museums, corporate art collections and executive offices.

“Over the last decade, Tico has built or modified for us: 2 offices, 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms and 3 wardrobe cabinets.  This means he has built for us 29 separate pieces with 64 shelves, 46 drawers, 40 doors, dozens of panels, and scores of legs, sides, backs, frames and whatever else he has needed to make these things work.  I would not hesitate whatsoever to include Tico in any future project. Between his skill, his aesthetics, his demeanor and his honorable ethics, he made each phase of the job work well and the end results are as exactly as we wanted.  The pieces look beautiful, work great, wear well, and improve our lives.”

Corporate Clients
Skidmore College
Albany Savings Bank
National Museum of Dance
National Museum of Racing

Fine Woodworking No. 102, No. 110
Fine Woodworking Books: Best of Tables and Chairs
Jointer’s Quarterly

American Woodworker Show Philadelphia Nov. 1995
Northeast Woodworkers Expo. 1992-1997
New York Crafts Alliance 1992

At the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.

Vogt Toolworks

Since 2010 I have concentrated on making high quality jigs for woodworkers. My first product has been the Vogt Shooting Board and now includes the Vogt Drill Press and Band Saw Fence. These are marketed on the website as well as at Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events, the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, the NWA Showcase, and Woodworking in America.

Early supporters and reviewers have been George Walker, Shannon Rogers, Ron Brese, and Rob Porcaro.

“Your workmanship is excellent. I am very glad I did not spend the time trying to do this myself.” RB Dallas, Texas.

“A durable and luxurious- albeit expensive- bench jig that’s accurate and a pleasure to use.” Matt Kenney, senior editor Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Vogt Shooting Board
Lie-Nielsen Hand tool Events
Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
NWA Showcase
George Walker
Shannon Rogers
Ron Brese
Rob Porcaro


Tico Vogt | ticovogt@gmail.com | 518-584-0641 | 42 Gailor Lane | Saratoga Springs, NY | 12866