The “Super Chute”

The "Super Chute" and accesories by Tico Vogt.

The "Super Chute" and accessories by Tico Vogt.

I just sent my third prototype of a ramped shooting board to Ron Brese ( He has been very encouraging in e-mail exchanges over the last month about this project of mine to develop a high quality ramped shooting board with attachments for sale on my website. With the upcoming Lie-Nielson Hand Tool Event in Atlanta he’s been quite busy, but yesterday he had a chance to check it out:

“I gotta tell you I’m very impressed with this shooting board. I promptly put the 45 degree angle jig on the board (installed quite effortlessly) and made a 45 degree cut on a piece of maple and set to refine the miter cut. The plane performed so well that the shavings were coming out of the mouth of the plane polished on both sides and this piece of maple is about 7/8s thick. The board is concise and sets up quite nice to the user and the accessories bolt on and off quite easily. Of course having an 8 lb. shooting plane doesn’t hurt either.:)”

Ron will be taking my shooting board to the event May 7th and 8th at Peach Sate Lumber.

I will be getting a page on my site dedicated to the “Super Chute”, as I’ve named it. It features a runway made of three laminations of 1/4″ MDF , to ensure flatness,covered with a 1/4″ plate of UHMW for the contact surface. The bottom 3/16″ of the plane sole bears against acrylic covered with UHMW tape. The body of the ramped board is MDF veneered in maple with solid lippings. A maple cleat runs under the front edge and the whole unit is easily held between bench dogs. An advantage to the ramp, in addition to the fact that it distributes wear over the cutting edge, is that a clamp can fit unobtrusively inside the front cavity and be out of the way. This Super Chute is very well made, for precision shooting, and intended to compliment the high quality planes being made today. My “Super Chute” page will have detailed pictures, videos, and ordering information. Left-hand versions will also be available!For now please contact me at or call 518-584-0641.

The Super Chute will be offered for $215.00, with the miter fence. The additional Donkey Ear attachment for planing in the thickness will be $45.00.

Many individuals have been helpful in my efforts here. Reading Derek Cohen’s excellent blog and Robert Wearing’s “Hand Tools for Woodworkers,” as well as personal e-mails from Ron Brese, Tom Fidgen, Rob Hanson, George Walker, Konrad Sauer, Matt Hodgson, and David Charlesworth.

Thanks to one and all.

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  • Tico,

    the ‘Super Chute’ looks great- congrats!
    I’m looking forward to seeing some more pics and videos and hopefully one of these in person some day…all the best and happy shavings!

  • This is a serious looking workbench assist that will no doubt take my joinery up to a whole new level of crispness and accuracy. When can I get one?

  • tico

    Hi George,

    I anticipate some interest and will be working on my first batch to be ready for June. Send me an e-mail and we’ll get things firmed up. Thanks!

  • gina

    What’s a shooting board?

  • tico

    Hi Gina,

    I just put up a new post in response to your question. Thanks for your interest!

  • Shawn R

    This is a great board.. I had a chance to meet Ron for the first time and try out his infill plane and your shooting board. Very nice work on the design and functionality of the board. I would like to add my name to the waiting list of folks that want to order.

  • tico

    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for the nice response. I feel very fortunate to have Ron introduce the Super Chute. His planes are to die for!

    I will contact you as soon as a shipping date is in sight, hoping for early June.



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  • Shawn R

    Whohoo.. one week to June.. we need a countdown clock to when we can order. 🙂

  • betsy

    Glad you asked, Gina!!

    Fun to see what you’re up to, Tico! and I love the ohter woodworker’s enthusiasm for your product.

  • Encontré tu blog por pura casualidad y me gustó mucho el contenido que publicas. Hace varios minutos que estoy viendo tus artículos. Ya mismo te agrego al RSS. ¿Tienes tiempo?, pasa por mi blog. Nos vemos!

  • tico

    I don’t know what weight loss has to do with with planing end grain. If you do enough of it it will burn up calories, but there are better means. As for myself, no es necesario, ya soy flaco!

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  • Jim O'Neal

    I could not find a price. How much?

  • tico

    Hi Jim,
    Under the Products Page: First you go to Checkout, see the message that says “Please visit our shop”, click on that, and you will get price information. The Super Chute sells for $225.00 and the Donkey Ear attachment for $55.00. When you do proceed to purchase, the shipping cost gets calculated for you.

    Please let me know if you have any further difficulties.



  • I really enjoy the way the site looks. I think it is good. If you dont mind me asking, what theme is your blog? Thank you.

  • tico

    I named my blog “One-off and running”. That’s the title of the first post. Up to a few months ago “one-offs”, designs that weren’t repeated, have been what my woodworking career has been about. That’s changing now with my venture into tool making (shooting boards and other items in the works).
    Storytelling has always been a favorite activity of mine, and I look to my personal history as a woodworker for material to write about on the blog. Particular jobs, customers, woods, pieces of furniture, favorite influences, philosophical reflections… there’s quite a bit of accumulated stuff to write about after thirty years.
    Thanks for the favorable comment about the site. I will pass it on to the web designer, David Doonan.



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  • Buena información. Tendré en cuenta lo que dices, te agradezco!

  • There are alot of different opinions when it comes to these matters.

  • tico

    Can’t argue with that statement!

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  • Ron

    Well done, funny you neve know where you will learn a little something new, huh? Cool beans 🙂

  • judy


  • Don’t know how you manage to make the time with everything else you do, but I’m sure glad you do. Sometimes its just easier to spend a few bucks to get something pre-made and ready to use. Thanks

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