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Process and apparatus for repairing tires

In WW II my father was called up for service at the Pentagon where he was “in charge of the selection and procurement of tools used in overseas shops for the repair of fighting equipment.” 

























His son, Tom Vogt, my late half brother, left his studies at YaleUniversity

to join the first wave of air force pilots. He became an ace in the European theater.
























My inventor dad must have been particularly aware of the challenges to aircraft, one being the failure of tires to hold up under the demanding wartime conditions. He patented a repair procedure and donated it to the US Air Force (application October 1943). Here follow some text and a picture of the basic mechanism. To read the patent, click here.

“The main object of my invention is to provide a simple apparatus in which newly applied patch or recapping material is brought to vulcanize or curing temperature uniformly throughout its cross section, whereby the interior or center portion of such material is cured for as long a time interval as the outer surface.

A further object is to provide a simple, comparatively light and readily portable unit for effecting the vulcanizing, and in which there is no power consumption except during the actual heating and vulcanizing action.

A further object is to provide a simple apparatus by which the duration of the application LO of heat may be varied for different areas, and in accordance with the thickness or other character of the rubber to be vulcanized at such areas, so that a uniform degree of vulcanization is obtained.

In carrying out my invention I employ high frequency electrostatic heating, the electrodes being disposed on opposite sides of the part to be vulcanized, and I preferably make one or both of the electrodes in the form of a roller which may move along the tire to be vulcanized, and apply the required pressure thereto.”




4 comments to Process and apparatus for repairing tires

  • Lee Nepple

    That was interesting. Thanks for sharing

  • Tony Mathis

    Tico, I found a reference to this work on the SAE International website! C W Vogt published SAE Technical Paper 450171 in 1945, titled “Employment of ELECTRONICS for Effecting TIRE VULCANIZATION”. The description mentions that the method was tested by the Ordnance Research Department and was very successful, with particular benefits for the armed forces overseas. It appears the paper is still available for downloading for a fee.

  • tico

    Wow, Tony, thank you for this research!

  • tico

    I checked it out and here is the link:

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