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Unsolicited Praise for the Vogt Shooting Board System

“Hi Tico, I received the order in good condition and am already using the shooting board. Your workmanship is excellent. I am very glad I did not spend the time trying to do this myself.” RB


While it is true that “historically, most shooting boards were disposable items built from available materials” ( Christopher Schwartz, Popular Woodworking Magazine Oct. 2015) we are living in a different time. Look at the toolmakers’ offerings at Handworks, Woodworking In America, or at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool events and you will not see disposable products. They are generally costly but are assumed to be heirloom quality. The materials they are made from very often are not truly “available” to average woodworkers.

The Vogt Shooting Board System has evolved over six years with the goal of being a career long shop tool that is versatile and a pleasure to use. There have been steady changes to improve its performance given the feedback from shipping it to locations with 4% humidity (New Mexico) to 90% humidity (Louisiana). The critical wearing parts are easily replaced and retrofit parts easy to install.


“The board is fabulous.”

“I received my shooting plane from Veritas and works like a dream in the Super Chute. It did take me a little while to get the technique down though. But, you are right you do have to rotate your wrist slightly to the right (clockwise) through the stroke. I am now getting the cut to be perfectly square.
Thanks again Tico for producing an amazing product.”


R S Shooting veneers

Corner Detail

“The Lee Valley shooter plane works great, just a little fine tuning and it was ready to go. I followed your directions and had no problems making clean accurate cuts, real nice. It is a pleasure to use your shooting board.”

“Just a note to let you know that I got my shooting board and love it!! I think it will really help me get started on the right track with my hand planes while it gives me a great example of impeccable craftsmanship!”


“The shooting board just arrived and was unpacked. It is absolutely beautiful!” LK

R S Cherry Box above corner

Cherry Tabl DT Drawer-detail

“I just wanted to let you know that the Parallel Guide Strip arrived today and I just installed it. And it works flawlessly. What a wonderful addition for a great shooting board! And your installation instructions were clear and easy to understand. Thanks again for all your hard work Tico!” – TL



Layerd cornersWV-1

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