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The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence

VDPF and Sliding Block 2

There is a new product from Vogt Toolworks, an after- market fence for drill presses and band saws. To read about it and see videos click here.

My production is limited at the moment due to my accident in July but I am back on my feet and making progress.

Basic Stop

Basic Stop

3 comments to The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence

  • Yikes! Somehow I missed your post about the accident. Glad you are recovering and getting back to work. For me work is great medicine; one of the perks of loving what we do.

    The new fence looks awesome.

    Don’t push yourself too hard. Been there, done that…

    All the best,


  • tico

    Yeah, Doug, I’ve been keeping your experience with back trauma in mind. Your positive and gentle approach to healing is very admirable.

    Getting the new fence out has helped lift my spirits and kept up my enthusiasm to return to the bench.

  • Jane Harrod

    HI Tico, Your fence looks really cool. If I were a craftsperson I would sure buy one. Many thoughts of healing to you from Dan and me!

    I hope this fence will be well received and scarffed up like candy at Christmas!

    Hugs to you and Courtney’


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