Vogt Shooting Board Testimonials and Reviews

Original Super Chute 2010

The Super chute has a number of well thought out features. It fastens securely to my workbench with just a single clamp that’s positioned out of the way. The plane rides on a bed of UHMV so you hardly feel the friction of the tool, just the cutting action of the blade. It has accessories for cutting miters that attach quickly and securely. I have a feeling the north end of my bench will now have the Super Chute as a permanent fixture. I can now achieve crisp tight joints with ease. I highly recommend this tool to step up your game. … read the full review …

~George Walker


Just to let you know, I gave the Super Chute its first workout this morning using my L-N #9 miter plane. It is one elegant machine! Makes me feel sorry for my little homemade shooting board. Apart from having a ramp I found three features particularly helpful. The UHMW surface (versus my existing MDF base) allows the plane to glide up the ramp almost thoughtlessly, allowing more concentration on keeping the plane/bearing strip/fence interface square. Similarly, the bearing strip eliminates  plane sole/shooting board drag. Finally, an adjustable fence is a nice plus. I might still have to use a paper spacer at times for critical work, but at least I can now get close enough so that one piece of paper will do. I am sure I will find more things that I like, but I wanted to give you some feedback on first use.

~ Paul Wessells


I put the Super Chute through its paces and was truly impressed. It took me just a minute to set up and immediately I was getting great results. What really impresses me is the fact that everything is locked down so solid (I used a clamp to secure it to my workbench) and the material on the plane runway allowed me to really feel each cut. Wish I’d had this years ago. I’m sure it will up my game. Thanks so much for putting all the thought into this. I’ll be writing about it soon in my blog. Great Job!

~ George Walker


Vogt Super Chute 2.0

Needed to use it yesterday.- That is one SWEET tool!

~ Catharine Kennedy


You have some awesome products, with some cool innovations. I hadn’t ever thought about using the magnets in that way, which is truly cool. I hope you have continued success.

~ Lee Laird
Lie-Nielsen Show Staff


Shooting board has arrived, and bravo, Tico, you have developed a really fine product. I couldn’t be more pleased.

~ John Raftery


Received the Super Chute 2.0 yesterday afternoon. You’ve been busy. I take back what I said about not being able to improve on your original Super Chute. The alignment pins are solid and well thought out. Right out of the box I squared up some stock and checked it with my machinists square. Absolutely dead on. Great Job!

~ George Walker


About replacing the runway on an original S C with new spacer and UHMW tape. The installation was successful. The track is flat and the plane no longer rocks. The UHMW tape is a great improvement. Thanks so much for your help and your quick response to solve the problem.

~ Mikel


Thanks for making such a nice product and making it available to us weekend woodworkers.

~ Steve Spear


Truly a great bench appliance Tico!  Well done and thank you.

~ Shannon


Thank you for your prompt attention to my order.

George Pixley


This is the best shooting board I have ever used. I believe it is probably the best available anywhere. Tico Vogt made it and he can make one for you – the Super Chute 2.0. A shooting board is an extremely useful, almost magical, tool that can greatly elevate your control of woodworking processes. … read the full review …

~Rob Porcaro


Thanks for the extra effort.

~ Mark Mann


I finished the retrofit this morning and everything went fine – no problems with the instructions.  L-N Plane works great with this retrofit. Thanks again for your help!

~  Mike Hood


Pretty slick set up there Tico! You’ve put a lot of thought into it and, moreover, you are continually refining it. I like what I see.

~ Chris Hall, the Carpentry Way


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Tico rocks my world with some innovative tweaks to the design and has made a fantastic workbench appliance. … read the full review

Hi Tico,

Thank you for the update on my order and great customer service!

~ David Jones


Tico- You know why all of the joints are perfectly square, don’t you? (In reference to a picture of his Greene and Greene night stand).

~ Brian Tracey


I received the retrofit guide today and installed and tested it this afternoon.  It works great and makes a world of difference for me.  Thank you.  Please let me know if I owe you anything for the guide.  I will share with my friends and members of the Rochester Woodworkers Society the great quality of the Super Chute 2.0 and the fine service you have provided.  Thanks again.

~ George


You may be interested to know that I found out about your product before the review was posted, and ordered it just on the strength of the woodworking community’s forum discussions. I have subsequently read Shannon’s review and he certainly supports your Chute. Congratulations on a successful product launch.

~ Wendell


Both the ‘Chute’, (complete), and the Donkey Ear attachment have arrived safe and sound, (and in time).  They both look in great shape so thanks again for the prompt service.

~ Michael F.

I received the Super Chute and just spent a few minutes in the shop this evening messing around with it. I tried out some 13/16″ red oak, 10″ wide (curly, of course). Wow! The ramp really makes a difference. Great fit and finish!

~ Rob P.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the shooting board today and everything arrived in good condition. It is truly a work of art. I will be getting some time in the shop this weekend and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for everything,

~ Eric B.

Hi Tico,

I finally got a chance to use my new Super Chute this weekend.  I was just making edge banding for a box shelving system in my wine cellar and needed to be able to trim ends perfectly.  It was a joy to do it all without the tablesaw or dust collector, and it was simple to make each piece a perfect fit.  It’s a wonderful product.

~ Mike K.