Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence


The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence (VDPF) is an aftermarket product designed for woodworking, an accurate fixture with several add-on options. It is especially useful for wood workers dealing with mid-small size pieces who want precision without having to add a full plywood, metal, or combination table, which can be cumbersome and add weight when needing to raise the table quickly between different length drill bits.

It addresses the need for a fence that:

  • is easy to install and fix in an exact location (or remove) on the stock metal drill press table;
  • integrates sliding stops that lock down positively with no “creep” or “climb”;
  • is lightweight and comfortable to handle and store;
  • requires no mounting hardware.


The front working face is Bamboo Plywood, hard, dense, and stable. On the top face of the laminated Europly beam is a tool steel plate that guides the sliding stop blocks.

Each sliding block has a Magjig with 150 lbs of clamping force. Two Magjig 150s secure the fence to the table. To learn about MagJigs click here.
They are available here.

The Basic Stop is a ½” piece of Europly. The two cap screws remove with a hex key to allow optional stops and fences to attach.


Band Saw Fence with optional Pivot Block/Drift Fence

The semi-circular cut out of the rear edge allows for the maximum depth between drill bit and fence. (Note that the VDPF is designed for square or rectangular tables and may not be suited to round tables where the magjigs would be unsupported. Check this drawing for plan dimensions.)

Auxiliary Table

A sacrificial support surface is always necessary for drilling through holes.


Auxiliary Table

The 1/2″ Auxiliary Table has four cup magnets on the underside that provide ample holding power to maintain a fixed position but not at all difficult to slide and move as needed. This is very convenient for supporting holes that are drilled on a regular basis. The same hole can be registered with the drill bit and reused indefinitely.

The Auxiliary Table is also useful as a support platform under larger work pieces.

Adjustable Sliding Stops

The Basic Stop extends down to the work table surface and can interfere with an auxiliary table for through drilling. An alternative is to have an additional ½” ply stop that is ripped to clear auxiliary platforms.

The Adjustable Sliding Stop rides up and down to allow the Auxiliary Table to slide against the fence and underneath the stop. It slides up to allow for ½” and ¾” plywood tables.


Basic Stop


Adjustable Sliding Stop

Band Saw Fence

PFBSF-06The Vogt Drill Press Fence can double as a Band Saw Fence. It is a solid rip fence that:

  • can lock down quickly without clamps;
  • can adjust (as an option) with a fence 90 degrees to the rip line or adjust for “drift” by means of a simple and effective pivot block and clamping lever;
  • requires no mounting hardware;
  • has an accurate stop.

The Basic Stop is interchangeable with the Point Fence (for sawing curves relative to a fixed point).



Band Saw Fence

Band Saw Fence with optional Pivot Block/Drift Fence

Band Saw Fence with optional Pivot Block/Drift Fence

Point Fence

Point Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence comes with the Fence and one Sliding Block and Basic Stop.

Add-On Options are:

  • Auxiliary Table;
  • Adjustable Sliding Stops;
  • Additional Basic Stops;
  • Additional Sliding Blocks with Magjigs.

Band Saw Fence:

  • Drift Fence
  • Point Fence

The Vogt Drill Press/Bandsaw Fence is for woodworking applications, not metalworking. It is the obligation of the purchaser to maintain a clean table surface that is free of oil, wax, and dirt in order for the magjigs to maintain proper contact.