Vogt Shooting Board


The Vogt Shooting Board is a high quality ramped shooting board, particularly suited for precision planing of end grain. The ramp introduces a skewed cutting action and also spreads the wear over a greater distance of the cutting edge. The boards are made from Europly veneered in Maple, with solid 1/4″ thick Maple on the top front edge and a 3/4″ cleat on the base. It features a Runway surface of 1/8″ thick sealed and waxed Bamboo that the side of the plane travels on, and a bearing strip of extruded acetal which the lower 3/16″ of the plane sole bears against.


The acetal is bonded to a tool steel plate which is screwed to the side wall.


Unlike traditional shooting boards, the sole and plane iron are deliberately set slightly away from the side of the board. The sliding fences can be easily adjusted to meet exactly the cutting edge of the iron to support the fibers of the workpiece.


If the end of the sliding fence gets planed out of square it can be removed and quickly trued. There is plenty of extra travel.

The 90 Degree Fence, the Miter Fence, and the Donkey Ear Fence all consist of ¾” fixed fences and ½” sliding “sacrificial” fences that are adjusted by hex key.



The Miter Fence and optional Donkey Ear (for shooting carcase miters) attach to the board with steel locating diamond pins in steel liners. This easy on and off arrangement allows you to go back and forth between functions in no time at all. They both further lock down with the turn of the Magjig™.



For Stanley No. 51 type planes the optional Parallel Guide Strip creates the captured track they require. It is adjustable and holds down with cap screws in threaded inserts.


The optional Auxiliary Jig Platform, made of ½” thick Europly, locates positively and repeatedly with diamond pins in the same bushings used by the Donkey Ear.



It can be the base for shooting angles other than 90° and 45°, such as 22.5° and 30°.





Owners of the Vogt Shooting Board can make their own bases from scrap plywood using wooden dowels in place of the steel pins.


The Vogt Shooting Board is a versatile and dependable jig made to last the duration of a woodworking career.

15-300Ordering options

The Vogt Shooting Board can be ordered with or without the Donkey Ear attachment. 

A Parallel Guide Strip can be ordered to be installed for use with the Lie-Nielsen No. 51 Plane or the Veritas Shooting Plane.

To place an order, use the Products Page or call 518-584-0641. E-mail: ticovogt@gmail.com

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