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An act of kindness from a total stranger.

After a full day of driving (6 ½ hrs) from Saratoga to Philadelphia to set up for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event, then driving further to visit family and have dinner in Radnor, PA, my final drive of the day was to Chestnut Hill, PA, to spend the night with friends. All this was new territory for me and it was one of those days that used up every available unit of energy.


Just before heading to my last destination, I called my friends to go over the directions taken from GoogleMaps. The way looked quite complicated and potentially fraught with confusion. So it turned out. I found myself lost in the city of Conshohocken, PA, completely lost. My map and printed directions were of no avail, plus it was late. I was in a part of the city with no passersby, filling stations, or police to consult. It was 10:55 P.M.

I saw a 7- Eleven store and pulled in, went to the counter with my printed directions, and asked the clerk if he could help me. The young man was of Indian or Pakistani descent and spoke English with a strong accent. He sized me up quickly as a distraught, tired, and mildly helpless old timer and acted directly. “Sir, come with me” he said, and walked from behind the counter to the door. I followed him around the building to his car. He pulled out his GPS and asked for my destination. Turns out, he could not spell in English, so here I was of some use. We typed in the address together and then he handed me the unit. “Sir, you need this now. Tomorrow bring back to the store.” He smiled and went back to wait on a few final customers.

Twenty five minutes later, I arrived at my friends’ house. No way I’d have found it without the help of a total stranger.


8 comments to An act of kindness from a total stranger.

  • Peter Follansbee

    Tico – amazing story…but that’s what you get for being a nice guy. Good goin’. Happy Thanksgiving, PF

  • ralph booumenot

    Amazing that he was so trusting. There aren’t many like him in this world.

  • tico

    I was last… but I did finish.

  • patricia griffith

    This is a great story. You deserve this fine response.You are a wonderful guy and I am blessed to call you my friend. patricia

  • Jane Harrod

    Wow that is so great and gives us hope that good is ever present in the human heart.
    It was such fun playing music with you again Tico. I am thrilled you found your way to your friends house and I am sure you took the young mans GPS back to him.
    A great thanks giving story!

  • Sam Watspn

    Hello, Tico. How are you? I am a freelance writer from Philadelphia, and am currently working on producing a local storytelling podcast. The theme of our first episode is “Strangers.” I just recently came across this blog post, and I would love to record you telling the story for the podcast. Would this be possible?

    Thank you for your time!

  • tico

    Hi Sam,
    Yes, it is surely possible.



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