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Follow up to “Fun with pencil sharpeners.”

Another thing Bob Van Dyke helped me with in the pencil department was suggesting that I use red pencil on the end grain of the White Oak I’ve been using for drawer stock. It isn’t that the scribed lines or pencil marks are hard to see, it’s that they are completely invisible to this old coot’s tired eyes.

So, I grabbed the only red pencil around, a Sharpie crayon, and carefully pointed the tip. The lines were a vast improvement.



I’ll get a regular red pencil next time: the waxy Sharpie leaves bits that flake off and bloody up the work.

This picture shows the polished end grain of quartersawn White Oak. Fine lines just get lost in the open cells.



Those cells suck up a hefty amount of silica which beat the crap out of edge tools. On the other board, the Cherry drawer front, it is obvious where the plane iron shot the Oak on the ramped shooting board. Extra honing work with this species!

The red lines really helped out with the tails.


For the pins on the Cherry end grain, the modified regular pencil left superb lines.



That didn’t mean I was in the clear, however. The focus on picture taking created some confusion, evidently, as I used the same tail board to mark both ends of the drawer front. Caused me to loose my mirth. Indeed it did.

5 comments to Follow up to “Fun with pencil sharpeners.”

  • Ralph Boumenot

    Hope you get your mirth back. It’s hard to dovetail without it.

  • tico

    Thanks Ralph. Just like my stainless steel six inch rule, it will show up eventually.

  • whose idea was it to cut dovetails in white oak anyway?? That is just crazy!
    and Tico- FYI- your 6″ rule will never come back- they never do…..
    see you thursday

  • Nay Bob! Sometimes the remarkable happens. Today I lost the socket that fits between a hex ended 3/4 inch auger and the socket set T bar. I searched around in the shavings for about 10 minutes – even resorting to a magnet. Sure enough it turned up – in the tool bag still affixed to the T-bar! Silly me.

  • tico

    Hey Richard,

    Glad it showed up!

    Still searching for my mirth…

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