Build A Smarter Sawbuck

The purpose of the Smarter Sawbuck from Vogt Toolworks is to cut firewood to uniform lengths without measuring, making the process convenient and efficient. Its ergonomic design with open bays allows the operator to stand in close without leaning, adding to safety and comfort.

Set an end of the log or pole flush with the left end of the sawbuck. Align the face of the sprocket cover with the face of the leg leaning toward the operator and saw, working from right to left (long to short).  The sawed pieces lay conveniently on the top rails for easy handling. Small diameter sticks fall into the bays. It gives support to long poles, perfect for woodlot owners thinning tree stands. The Smarter Buck is designed to cut on 16” centers but can be easily modified to other lengths and made shorter by omitting X-Brace sections.

The Smarter Sawbuck is sturdy, easy to move (36 lbs, made of rot-resistant and easily obtainable Cedar decking), efficient and ergonomic: a fundamental companion to the operation of firewood processing. An 8’ piece can be cut to equal lengths without needing to move it during sawing.

The detailed step-by-step instructions in the guide are accompanied by more than 24 illustrations and measured drawings, and almost 40 photos. You’ll pick up plenty of good woodworking tips and end up with a valuable aid to building your woodpile. It’s also a great build for woodworking schools, clubs, and DIY groups.

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