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Two bandsaw slicers

Two after market band saw fences tug at my purse strings. The first is the Little Ripper, which holds small logs on a carriage.





















I have seen Ethan Moore from Stockroom Supply (Mastodon Tools) demonstrate this at numerous shows, most recently at the Northeastern Woodworkers showcase in Saratoga Springs, where he and his mom, Cheryl,  were in the booth next to mine. They drove down from Canada and were not allowed to carry wood across the border. This meant that they had to rely on scavenging material from the roadsides near their motel. What they brought to saw up was wet and funky, but the results of sawing were really impressive. As I have an inexhaustible supply of short, clear sections of logs from my tree plantings, this jig is in the cards for me.

I also liked their Round Ripper. Ethan was cutting nice bowls, some with tapered sides, all afternoon.











The other band saw slicer of great interest to me is the brand new Accu-Slice by SIS Woodworking Products, a new division of Scientific Instrument Service, one of the owners of which is a life long woodworker. This jig brings the art of sawing fine veneer to a new level. The quality of the cuts is quite impressive.














Both Mastodon Tools and SIS are constantly asked about blade drift and both respond that there simply isn’t any. SIS has made this video to explain in detail, and with the thoroughness you would expect from a scientific approach, why a sliding carriage is fundamentally different than a resaw fence.




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