Dog Attacks Table for its Hide Glue

R S Sweet Pea 2

Can you imagine this sweet dog attacking a table? That’s what she did, viciously ripping a leg off and chewing away the mortice cheeks. The table had been near a pellet stove which warmed the animal protein glue and made an irresistible fragrance.

Repair 1

Repairing furniture isn’t my bag but the challenge in this case drew me to it like the hide glue did to Sweet Pea. The rails couldn’t be removed since they were dowelled into the top frame and the legs.

Reapair 2

Mortice cheeks and integral and applied moldings needed replacing. So, cut back to un-chewed wood and rebuild. Make new mortices. Chisel off integral moldings and replace, as well as applied moldings. Clean off the tenons with iron and wet rag, waste old haunches. Test fit joints.

Repari 3

Repair 4

Repair 5

Repair 6

Repair 7

Repair 9

Repair 8

Repair 10

Repair 11

All repairs were done with PVA glue except the mortice and tenons, which needed hide glue since there was still some of that glue on the tenons and hide glue bonds to hide glue.

I will suggest to the owners using an essential oil spray as a pet repellent.

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