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This Past Winter

This past winter of 2015-16 was the warmest ever recorded. It isn’t necessary for me to deduce that from meteorological data, I simply need to look in the checkbook under “snowplowing-driveway” and see a fat 0. Since snow related sports aren’t my thing but being outside and working on woodland projects are, I was, therefore, quite pleased with the season.

The calendar year did begin with a welcome vacation to a very remote island. My recuperation from last summer’s hiking misadventure got a boost. Lying on pink sand sure has it over granite.

On beach

One astonishing phenomenon was our pond covered completely with feathery crystals one morning.

Ice Flakes 1
Ice Flakes 2
Ice Flakes 3
Ice Flakes 4
Ice Flakes 5
Ice Flakes 6
Ice Flakes 7

There was a great deal of wood splitting with my maul (no wedges).

Maul filing
Split Maple

Firewood pile

An existing trail had many leaning Gray Birch that needed to be felled. In the process of sawing up so much material the idea occurred to me that there is a lot of green wood here that would be of use for bowl, spoons, and shrink pots. There is also the occasional crook or bent section of Cherry and Apple. In addition to this I cut Elm, Hickory, and Locust. I am looking into offering small select pieces to ship to interested parties- of this, more anon.
Birches 1
Felling Notch 1
Felling Notch 2
Birches 2

The sisyphean war on the invasive Asian Honeysuckle continued.

Asian Honeysuckle

With the assistance of my young companion a system of three wetland boardwalks was laid out.

Moe on trail
Bridge with stakes 1
Pine Hammock

A season of access to dry ground and no ticks. Pretty hard to beat.

4 comments to This Past Winter

  • Tico,

    Those ice crystal images are so special!
    Have you researched this at all?

  • Alan Van


    The Arnold Arboretum here in Boston has also been posting about the mild winter which has allowed them to get way ahead on their pruning of 240 some acres ….. looking at that wood pile …. it seems clear that you have about recovered to full extent. I always enjoy seeing your progress with your various tree plantings ……any sign of those pesky beavers that might consider your wet lands boardwalks as building material?


  • tico

    I have no knowledge of how that amazing spectacle came about…

  • tico

    I am hoping that Moe will keep them away!

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