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Clamp Clips from Vogt Toolworks


R S Clamp Clips


















Clamp Clips are designed to improve the performance of ¾” diameter pipe clamps in woodworking. They are sized so that 4/4 stock is in line with the pressure of the clamp screws.


R S Clamp Clips on carcase-front view


















No more buckling panels during edge gluing or wedges needed along the edges of the work piece.


R S Clamp Clips on boards open

















R S Clamp Clips on boards tight


















They also serve as spacers between the wood and the bar, thus protecting the work from water and glue stains. They are made from durable PVC and easily cleaned.

Clamp Clips can be drilled and screwed to blocks or a fixed work surface

R S Clamp Clips on block




















stabilizing the bar clamps and simplifying case work.


R S Clamp clips on door


















R S Clamp clips on carcase top view


















Vogt Toolworks sells packages of ten Clamp Clips which allow you to attach four clips to blocks and have three clips per bar for edge gluing as in the photo above.

To order Clamp Clips click here.




1 comment to Clamp Clips from Vogt Toolworks

  • Tico,

    This is absolutely brilliant! I wish I had these when I was using pipe clamps. They’re inexpensive and they solve three big problems with pipe clamps: supporting the clamps, putting pressure in line with the screws, and keeping the glue line clear of the pipes.

    One suggestion: in the third photo from the top, use two Clamp Clips above the pipe under each board to prevent any chance of either board rocking as the clamps are tightened, and keep the glue line clear of a Clip to prevent the glue from mucking up there and possibly interfering with drying properly.

    EVERYONE who use pipe clamps NEEDS these!!


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