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The Vogt Super Chute No-Rock Runway with the L-N No. 51 and the Brese “Brute”.

R S No-Rock alone


















The “No-Rock Runway” stabilizes the shooting board plane by putting it on a tool steel  plate so that it won’t tip or rock during its travel forward.


R S NR Runway End View


















The plate rides between slideways lined with acetal, the outer slideway being adjustable laterally via cap screws in oversized holes.


R S No-Rock Underside


















The outer edge of the plate has an acetal strip that bears against an adjustable channel of anodized aluminum.

The user now need only be concerned with holding the work piece steady and in even contact with the sole of the plane. The pushing hand has only pushing to deal with, not stabilizing the plane. It takes a lot of stress off of the wrist and elbow and allows the user to enjoy the process of shaving end grain without getting “bit” on the final pass if the plane tips slightly.


The L-N No. 51 is held securely to the plate by means of metal clamps on either end of the sole. Two screws accommodate the sloping cast surface.


R S Plate Clamp detail 1


















The Brese “Brute”.


Plane maker Ron Brese has designed the model 125-38 Shooting Board Plane as a companion to the No-Rock Runway.


R S Brute next to No-Rock


















“2.125” wide iron at 38 degrees bevel down. Weight approximately 10 lbs. Great ergonomic control and enough mass for the most demanding shooting operations.”

R S Brute on No-Rock


















The plate for Ron’s plane is tapped for screws and washers.


R S Brute Screw Detail


















The No-Rock Runway for both planes is a special order item. Contact Tico Vogt at for ordering information.


R S Brute view from end

3 comments to The Vogt Super Chute No-Rock Runway with the L-N No. 51 and the Brese “Brute”.

  • Shan DuMond

    Do you sell the shooting board for the veritas plane?

    If so I am real interested in one and would like to know the purchase price?

    Thant you

  • Ryan Hamilton

    I recently just purchased the “standard” version of the shooting board and absolutely love it. I also acquired the Lie-Nielsen #51 plane to use with it. At the time I purchased the shooting board, I was not aware that there was a special version made with the “no rock” runway specifically for the LN 51. Is there a way to purchase the runway parts and install them myself, replacing the current bamboo? If so, I would be very interested. Thank You.

  • tico

    Hi Ryan, I replied by email.

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