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Renouncing Privilege

In the year since the mass outrage committed at the Stoneman Douglas School, the question has loomed large in my mind of how hatred forms, why it underpins so much of human existence, why we repeatedly are unable to take stock of its presence, our choosing, or not, to educate ourselves to contend with it, […]

Charlie and the Alligator

One afternoon in the spring of 1970 a friend and I had an experience on the Hillsboro Canal in south eastern Florida which I have never forgotten. In my family’s Boston Whaler I used to take friends swimming and water skiing on the straight section below the final lock, or water control structure.



Third Generation Decline: It’s For Real!

A subtopic under the generally sore topic of immigration in the United States is the phenomenon of Third Generation Decline. We may like to believe that progress is continual for Americans beginning with the first generation of immigrants, but that is myth. The proof on the ground points in the opposite direction: “By the third […]

A Book of Jokes on Father’s Day



























This  2.5″ x 4.5″ memo came to my attention years after my father’s passing. It is a record of jokes and punch lines that he kept during his […]

A hip technique that hinges on this simple idea.

How many times do I bend my back in the course of any day? Now that it’s on my radar I can say: a ridiculous number of times. In the workshop alone, between picking up dropped hardware off the floor, tools, pieces of wood and shavings, plugging/unplugging chords and hoses, sweeping into a dustpan, pulling […]

How Strong Is Hide Glue?

Find out by watching Laurel and Hardy experiencing hide glue and shellac in this great episode.

Thanks to Doug Berch for reminding me of this. The wood shop scenes have a lot of fun stuff to observe in the background.


North Bennet Street School and videos

On Tuesday February 20th I will be presenting my wares at the historic North Bennet Street School from around 11:30-2:30.






















Here are some new videos. The first is about a small Cherry box […]

The Mousieleum

Got pets and need to trap mice in your house? 

Dog-friendly, less mess and cleanup, more efficient, the Mousieleum is a better mouse trapping environment. Read about it here.

dynaGlide Plus available through Vogt Toolworks

Three years ago I learned about dynaGlide Plus from Richard Welder at Micro Fence. It is a Silicone and Teflon free dry boundary lubricant. I have used it principally to clean the swarf off the bearing surfaces of my shooting boards and to lubricate them. It functions well on metal planes, edge tools, bits, bearings, […]

August 1914, a Family Mystery Solved.

The first blog entry about my father’s inventing career (September 2011) was titled “Covington, Kentucky, A Family Mystery.” (Click here to read it.) My sister, Sarah Vogt, and I were beginning to document the timeline of his personal and professional life. His scrap book from high school, college, and three years following had recently been […]