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  • Robyn Hawkins

    Hi there,

    I purchased 2 sets of shooting boards, donkey ears etc for my shop. Everything has been fine until the last 6 months when I have been out of the shop due to an accident. The chap that took over the workshop waa a “fill in” to keep the business was rather rough on lots of my equipment, jigs etc. One of my shooting boards has disappeared and the other is damaged. Might I ask you to provide a couple of replace the runways, the parallel guide and the 2 strips of UHMW tape, please? Flip me a bill and I will pay you promptly.

    And just to be a cheeky bugger, you don’t fancy selling your LV Veritas shooting plane do you? It seems that amongst some of the items that were used by my helper, some of the nicer items that have vanished is my beloved Veritas SHOOTER!! How strange it is that?? And of course, they are out of stock at Lee Valley…..when I was trying to replace this, I discovered that there is next to are NONE available on eBay, so I am being cheeky and asking if you want to sell, seeing as you have 2? Let me know! P.lease!

  • tico

    I sent you an email about this, thanks.

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