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R S Clamp Clips on block

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  • patrick anderson


    You can find a good bit of info on Rabone here. Very nice rule by the way.

  • tico

    Thanks Patrick!

  • I always use Rabone rulers (or two foots, as we call ’em in my family, even when 36″ long!) There is a massive variety of different ones still kicking around which can be had very cheaply. MAny were made for specific trades and crafts – the main one I’m using just now has,10ths on inches marked on one scale. One od the several I’ve lost (probably in the deep shavings in The Bodgery) had a scale in 1/4 inches for one whole 3 foot length! There should be a reference number on the rule which will help you identify it’s date etc.

    Rather a fancy one I must say!

  • tico

    Hi Richard,
    This one as has !/4″, 1/2″, and 1/3″ (new to me) marked on edges. Can’t seem to find a reference number. This is a really fine instrument.

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