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RS Itw6

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  • dewey

    Nice photos and fine report on this luxurious adventure.

  • Hey Tico!

    That really does look like a grand day out. We were further north up at the top of Lake George when we stayed a couple of years ago. What a beautiful part of the world. Your cottages are much bigger than ours 😉

    Kind regards,


  • Wilson Burnham

    Those are some fancy digs you got to visit! That’s the kind of house we historic preservationists really want to work on! Glad you had such a great day on the lake!


  • Scott Turner

    Just returned from my own vacation on Lake George — further north near Hague, although we did get to the Sagamore for drinks one evening. It’s a lovely area, and my wife covets an electric boat! There’s another that docks at Arcady and that we often see out for an evening cruise.

  • tico

    You can’t beat the relaxation of all-quiet cruising. Up near Hague the lake is fantastic, becoming fjord-like. Perfect sailing at times. After Labor Day is a great time to go. You have your pick of campsites out on the islands.

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