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West Deck

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  • Hi Tico!

    You’re lucky to have these great long lasting timber varieties over there. Did you read about my shelter collapse? Although I didn’t make it explicit the main problem was that the poles are ash and by now three years old and they’d become rather brittle with living outdoors and snapped where I’d drilled 1 inch holes for the fixings. I’ve made a rough tent for the replacement poles to keep them dry when not in use, so hopefully they’ll last a bit longer. It would be nice to use oak poles, but the weight would make my life just too hard!

    Summer seems to have been cancelled here – biblical rainstorms have wreaked havoc with the beans in our garden and smashed down some of our flower beds. Will should feel well at home when he turns up here in July!

  • tico

    Hi Richard,

    Yes, I did read that post and was glad that no injuries resulted. I didn’t mention the story in this post, but the oak deck showed cut into pieces had reached such a frightening state of neglect that my wife stepped through in one place and descended right up to her hip. I’m lucky to be alive and still married! The problem with bacterial growth appears where wood surfaces contact each other and the moisture remains, as where a deck board overlays a joist.

    I wish I could send you some of our Locust and fine summer weather. Our biblical rains took place last year, culminating in two catastrophic tropical storms. Happy reunion with Will,


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